Sandbox Environment
A playground to experiment with Self

The Self Sandbox environment is a space where software developers and users can experiment with code and applications in an isolated setting with access to all the features of Self.

This environment provides a safe place to try new things, test and debug code, and explore new ideas without affecting the live production environment.

Get your mobile client

Download the Sandbox app
Get it on Google PlayQR code for Self in the Play StoreDownload on the Apple App StoreQR code for Self in the Apple App Store

Follow the instructions on the mobile client to signup for a new account. Once you have completed the signup process you will need to verify an email address in the mobile client under Profile > Contact Details.

Login to the Sandbox Developer Portal

Now you can go to the Sandbox Developer Portal and login. Once you are logged in you can create your first publisher and then your first application.

You can refer to App setup section for more information on the configuration options you have for publishers and applications.


The Self Sandbox environment is for testing, and is not suitable for production use. The Sandbox environment provides reduced perfomance and resiliency, and we periodically purge the data.