Authentication Dynamic link
Authentication workflow through Dynamic links

When you’re authenticating users on your platform straight on their mobile devices, is when dynamic links are more useful.

A dynamic link will authenticate a user on your platform by clicking a link and accepting the authentication request on his phone.

As part of this process, you have to share the generated link with your users, and wait for a response.

In order to use a dynamic link, you must generate a redirection code on the developer portal, once you have it you can use it to generate a url which you can share with your users.

  url = @client.authentication.generate_deep_link(redirection_code)
link, err := authService.GenerateDeepLink(&authentication.DeepLinkAuthenticationRequest{
	ConversationID: cid,
	Callback:       redirectionCode,
	Expiry:         time.Minute * 5,
if err != nil {
	log.Fatal("auth returned with: ", err)
let url = sdk.authentication().generateDeepLink(redirectionCode)

Have in mind the user’s device will send you back an authentication response, so setup a subscription to that topic.