Processing fact response
Manage responses and extract the verified facts


As the user also has the option to accept or reject a fact request, the response also comes with a status property and some helpers like the authentication response.

Additionally a fact response comes with a list of attestations for the requested fact.

Subscribing to a facts response is similar to authentication.

@client.facts.subscribe do |resp|
    # GOTO Deal with the response for details
// TBD
sdk.facts().subscribe((res: any): any => {
    // GOTO Deal with the response for details

Processing fact response

The fact response will comes with a status and the same list of helpers as we described on authentication to deal with it.

Additionally each fact of the response has a list of attestations let’s see how to process them.

resp.facts.each do |fact|
    fact.attestations do |a|
        p "received #{a.value} from #{a.source}/#{a.fact} signed by #{a.origin}"
for _, f := range resp.Facts {
    log.Println(f.Fact, ":", f.AttestedValues())