Getting started


To build an app on self-network its required to have our app installed so you can log in to the Self Developer Portal.

Please visit the official app stores to download our official apps for Android and iOS

Create an account

Visit Self Developer Portal and follow the steps to register. You’ll need a Self Identifier account to proceed.

App creation

Self-apps are autonomous self identities able to interact with other identities on the Self-network.

A developer can create an app through the developer portal. This app will be identified by a SELF_APP_ID and a SELF_APP_DEVICE_SECRET.

SELF_APP_ID is your public identifier on the network and you can share it with other peers. You must keep SELF_APP_DEVICE_SECRET in a secure place.

You’ll see below how to use these two strings to initialize your client and start interacting with the Self-network.

Remember — copy and store SELF_APP_DEVICE_SECRET, as we don’t have access to it.


Self provides a sandbox so you can try your app code before moving to production. You can register for a free developer account and create new test apps on the Sandbox developer portal here.

Once your app is ready you can create a new one on production here